New Retailer Spotlight: Half Hitch Goods in San Francisco

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces with character and elegant craftsmanship, Half Hitch Goods is the perfect place to find just that. Carrie Caillouette, the owner of Half Hitch Goods, carefully selects each piece, ensuring that it is a high-quality item with meaning, significance, and beauty. Your friends will definitely be impressed by a super unique gift from Half Hitch.

Keep in mind, Half Hitch Goods offers Same Day Delivery in San Francisco through Boutiika’s DASH Same Day Delivery service.  That means you can order a gift for someone special and have it delivered to him or her at work.  How sweet!  (How amazing is this bracelet, for example?)

Boutiika Fashion Intern Sara asks Carrie a few questions to learn more about the collection at Half Hitch Goods.

Q: You carry some pretty unique items; can you tell me a little bit about where they come from?

Carrie: Our items are a mix of new and vintage, and we find them all over the place.  Some of our things are totally unique and made just for our shop by folks who we know to be creating the best quality goods.  A lot of our things are made right here in San Francisco where we are based, but part of what we love to do is travel in our VW Vanagon all over the U.S. to find unique pieces on our journey.  Some of those road finds have the most special stories.

Q: What inspires your collection?

Carrie: Our collection is inspired by the belief that all great gift items come with a story.  We also are inspired by history and travel, and we believe that some of the most meaningful things can be collected on a great journey.

Aesthetically we love the mix of the new and old, rustic and modern, and we think the tension in the polarities creates depth in the collection and brings interest and curiosity.

We believe that having fewer fine and meaningful things is better than having quantity.

Q: What do your customers shop most? Is it your beautiful gem stone jewelry, handmade greeting cards, or something else?

Carrie: Our customers love our exclusive items, especially leather goods and our collectable vintage pieces because they are so rich in history.

Q: What can shoppers expect from the items in your collection?

Carrie: Clients can expect a high quality and lasting item with significance that they are sure to treasure.  Also, we offer impeccable gift-wrap, and we send along beautifully printed item descriptions with each purchase detailing the significance of each item.  We hope that our customer experience offers an easy, well executed, beautiful and yet intensely meaningful gift shopping and giving experience.  (…But Half Hitch isn’t just for gifts, we also encourage self-purchasing too!

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